Read the tale of seven friends attacked by the angriest shark in the Pacific Ocean!

Meet the friends: 

RAY: Ray takes his father’s sailboat out for a SNUBA diving trip with his friends. Athletic, charming, determined, Ray is the leader of the pack, and while he enjoys a good time, he also has some anger issues.

ANNA: Anna and Ray have been in a loving relationship ever since high school. She’s smart, strong and loves to SNUBA dive, and aside from Ray, is the only person in the gang who knows how to sail.

DEL: Del is Ray’s best friend. He recently dropped out of med school and is hoping this trip is just what he needs to get his confidence back.

ZEKE: Zeke, Ray, and Del have been friends ever since elementary school, where they gave themselves the nickname, ‘The Triple P’ (Three Pronged Power Plug.) Zeke, being a hopeless romantic, recently broke up with his girlfriend and is trying to forget about her. Maybe SNUBA diving will help him…or an angry man-eating shark.

VICKI: Vick is Anna’s best friend. She’s a party girl, loves to have a fun time, also loves the attention of the opposite sex. All Vick wants to do on this trip is lay out in the sun, drink, dance, and laugh.

WILLIE: Hey it’s the funny fat guy!

TRISHA: Trisha is Anna’s cousin. The youngest of the group, Trisha is very opinionated, judgmental, and well, a hipster.